The mission of Modern Path is to promote access to quality behavioral healthcare for individuals who identify as part of a gender, sexuality or relationship structure minority (GSRM).  

Continuing Education training for behavioral health professionals is one way that we meet this mission. We have trained hundreds of clinicians throughout North America. We provide courses that support the profesisonal development of Master level clinicians and those who seek to gain core knowledge related to being a sex therapist, sex educator, or a sex counselor. Each couse will specifically state what Continuing Education Credits are available.

New for 2024, we will be releasing workshops for ALL folks not just those in the helping professions. Workshops will be clearly designated as Professional or For All.

What makes our school unique from the others?

  • We commit to affordable training with tiered payment structures based on the value
  • All of our courses provide video, printable handouts and captions to accommodate varying learning styles and needs
  • Continuing Education Credits are from national organizations ensuring portability for many of your licensing and credentialing needs
  • The majority of our instructors hold identities that are historically under represented in their field of expertise.
  • The majority of our instructors have lived experience in their field of expertise.
  • A percentage of the proceeds from each workshop go directly into the Modern Path Access Fund, which supports access to therapy for those who are in need.

It is our hope that we will become your go to place for learning foundational, intermediate and advanced topics that will help you better facilitate your clients journey clients as they walk down their path of growth, healing and recovery.

white person and black, holding hands communicating joining together

"I really feel more prepared and valued learning that while I am "accepting and open," I still have so much more room to grow to be an affirming space for my clients. I valued Nick's perspectives on his lived experience and how that strengthened the material delivery and wisdom. … Thank you very much for challenging me to stretch and supporting my growth to becoming a more affirming clinician."

-Jennifer B .

"You were clear, insightful, personable, vulnerable, open, inclusive, and responsive in addition to being very knowledgeable and skilled."

- D.A.

hand holding lens bringing blurry image into clear image of dirt road lined by tall greenery and a tree in distance
two hands shaking, both hands have melanated skin
"This was a good refresher of foundational knowledge ... I greatly appreciate it being taught by a person who identifies in the trans community."

-- Student, 2020